Here's some appearances and other stuff.

Split! ep with Martinibomb (2003)
on Comfort Stand Recordings

''Illogical Boogie''
''Shopping For Explosives''
''Bloops, Bleeps, Bongos & Brass''
(slightly different versions)

oddio Oddio Overplay
Theme Compilation (2004)

''Thank You''

la douce party La Douce Party Vol. 2 (2003)
on IRMA Records, Italy

''Go! Go! Go!''
(listed as ''Coconut Monkey Rockets'')

comfort cake Comfort Cake (2004)
Comfort Stand's One Year Anniversary compilation

''Accidental Beatnik''

mondo la douce Mondo La Douce (2004)
on IRMA Records, Italy


stereolab tribute The Politics Of Photosynthesis
Stereolab Tribute Album (2006)

''Moogie Wonderland''

baby aperitivo - pure essence
Baby Aperitivo - Pure Essence (2004)
on Aperitivo Records, Japan


with birds 'With Birds'' (2007)
Full-length album
munsterbeat ''Munsterbeat'' (2004)
Halloween collaboration with Martinibomb
Television Greatest Beats

Television Greatest Beats (2007)
IRMA MP3 Compilation

"Go! Go! Go!"